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SR7202 Blackburn NA.39 (pre-production)

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SR7202 Blackburn NA.39 (pre-production)
1:72 Scale
Resin Kit

This is a highly accurate model of the Blackburn NA.39 [Pre-production version] powered by two de Havilland Gyron Junior DGJ.1 turbojets each of 7,100lb static thrust. A total of 14 pre-production aircraft were ordered in June 1955 [XK523 - XK536]. These aircraft were used for all development trials prior to the production aircraft being cleared for operational service with the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm.

Six aircraft formed the backbone of 700Z Flight, the 'Intensive Flying Trials Unit, based at RNAS Lossiemouth, Scotland - two of the NA.39 examples are included in this model: XK533 - '682/LM' and XK534 - '683/LM'. Having completed its work, 'IFTU' was disbanded in December 1962, however 700Z Flight became the nucleus for No.809 Squadron (Headquarters Strike Squadron) formed in January 1963 at RNAS Lossiemouth.

The 'Controller of Aircraft' release to drop weapons was not issued until 1963, however sorties were flown with the internal weapons bay loaded with four inert 1,000lb bombs, giving the crews experience of handling the aircraft at high all-up weights. Once cleared, armament comprised of a maximum load of 4,000lb in the weapons bay and 4,000lb on underwing hardpoints. The Blackburn NA.39 [Pre-production version] was a low level strike aircraft, capable of Mach 0.875 (670mph) at sea level, with a tactical radius of 500miles and a normal operating range of 1,730 miles - identical performance to the final production version Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.1.

None of these 14 aircraft saw frontline service - with only seven actually being physically capable of catapult and arrested landings aboard ship. However four aircraft were still flying alongside Buccaneer S.Mk.1 aircraft well into 1966 with No. 736 Squadron at RNAS Lossiemouth, tasked with training pilots and observers for the frontline Buccaneer force.

Options included

This model allows for a wide variety of airframe configurations:
Wings (spread or folded), main flaps (retracted or lowered), air brakes petals (open or closed), radome nose (open or closed), canopy (open or closed), weapons bay door (open or closed) - note: weapons bay door even includes 4 individual 1,000lb bomb carriers.

Major airframe differences between the Blackburn NA.39 [Pre-production version] and the Buccaneer S.Mk.1 include: wheel hub designs, tail fin cooling ducts for the radio bay, arrester hook trunk being enclosed by two revolving doors, missing holdback mechanism (required for catapult take-offs - located below the air brake petals), front fuselage bulkhead interior nose detail, plus no radar warning pods fitted to the wing leading edges - to name but a few.

  Colour Schemes Included
  Blackburn NA.39 - XK533
  [Pre-production version]
'682/LM', 700Z Flight, 'Intensive Flying Trials Unit', RNAS Lossiemouth
3rd November 1961 to 20th December 1962
  Blackburn NA.39 - XK533
  [Pre-production version]
'229/LM', No.809 Squadron (Strike Headquarters Squadron), RNAS Lossiemouth
15th January 1963 to 10th October 1963
  Blackburn NA.39 - XK534
  [Pre-production version]
'683/LM', 700Z Flight, 'Intensive Flying Trials Unit', RNAS Lossiemouth
21st November 1961 to 20th December 1962
  Blackburn NA.39 - XK534
  [Pre-production version]
'223/LM', No.809 Squadron (Strike Headquarters Squadron), RNAS Lossiemouth
15th January 1963 to 25th October 1965
  *Please Note: Colour scheme information diagrams supplied with the model are only printed in 'Black and White'