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SH72433 SIAI-260 EA/D/EU

17.00 CAD

SH72433 SIAI-Marchetti SF-260EA/D/EU ‘ Late Bulged Canopy Type’
1:72 Scale
Injected Plastic

The SF-260 is an Italian training, sports and aerobatic aircraft which can be found all around the globe. In Europe, it served with the Irish Air Corps and is still being used by the air forces of Belgium and Italy. The type was gradually developed and upgraded, so the latest versions differ to some extent from the earlier ones. The main difference is rather obvious, it is the more bulged rear-sliding canopy with different style of its framing. This change is most possibly caused by the ever increasing height of the pilots.
Our model of the later version differs from our earlier release no. SH72418 by having this new clear sprue with the larger canopy. The decal sheet brings markings for an Italian machine with nose art on either side of the fuselage, then a Belgian machine and also two eye-catching machines as flown in Latin America – an aluminium lacquer overall machine from Venezuela and white SF-260 from Uruguay with dayglo orange trim.