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SH72417 SMB-2 Mystere / Sa'ar Duo

79.00 CAD

SH72417 SMB-2 Mystere / Sa'ar Duo
1:72 Scale
Injected Plastic

SMB-2 Super Mystere Duo Pack & Book
The SMB.2 is a French jet fighter aeroplane of the 1960s which saw service not just with the French Air Force, but in Israel and Honduras too and made its name mainly in combat missions flown by Israeli pilots over the Middle East. The box contains two complete kits of the Super Mystere / Sa’ar jet and a really superb photographic book on the type from Ra’anan Weiss of Isradecal.

two nicely detailed and very accurate model kits in one box, each of which offers both engine tail pipe versions.
decal sheets printed to maximum quality by Italian Cartograf bring two French, three Israeli and one Honduran marking options.
the kit also offers a superb photographic take on the type with plethora of preciusly unpublished photos charting its service with the IAF
resin cast hot seat for the Honduran option.