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SH72398 Boston Mk.III Intruder

35.00 CAD

SH72398 Boston Mk.III Intruder
1:72 Scale
Injected Plastic

Boston MK. III Intruder
Model of the US WW2 two-engined aircraft in a version used by the British in the night fighter and intruder roles. The kit consists of seven styrene sprues which feature also the underbelly machine gun pod for the Intruder machines and the Havoc Mk.II night fighter style nose section, one clear styrene sprue, decal sheet, resin parts and photo etches. This version has never been kitted before
….. decals cater for four marking schemes ...two Intruders and two Havoc Mk.III‘s
…. photo etched antenna array parts
.....finely detailed Hedgehog style exhausts