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SH72385 C-41A 'US Transport Plane'

35.00 CAD

SH72385 C-41A 'US Transport Plane'
1:72 Scale
Injected Plastic

The C-41A kit comes on five grey injection moulded sprues and two made of clear plastic. The Scheme A option, a US Army machine was fitted with a different type of side door dome window and we have correctly portrayed this feature and designed a new sprue with this alternative style of the side door. Along this white overall SOAC-operated machine with red and blue trim on the tail and a nice sword-emblem on the entrance door, the kit is going to offer the modeller also a pair of machines that flew with private military companies AWS and XeS (both emerged from the infamous Blackwater security company). The first one of these is also white overall with cheatline in two blues, the other is in dark grey and black. The final machine of our selection is a white C-41A of Evergreen International Airlines which was operated by CIA.