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SH72332 FH-1 Phantom "First USN Jet Fighter"

19.00 CAD

SH772332 FH-1 Phantom
First US NAVY Jet Fighter
1:72 Scale
Injected Plastic
First carrier-based jet fighter aircraft of the US Navy. Contents of the kit: three grey styrene injection moulded sprues, one clear sprue, photo etches, decal sheet, full colour instruction booklet. Decals for four US Navy machines:
FH-1 Phantom, R 112 (BuNo 111778) VF-17A, Lt J.L. Fruin, USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt (CVB-42), March 1949.
FH-1 Phantom, 122 (BuNo unknown), VF-17A, carrier deck suitability tests, USS Saipan, May 1948.
FH-1 Phantom,101 ( BuNo 111799), VF-17A, Capt. W.N. Leonard , USS Coral Sea (CVB-43), 18 May 1948.
FH-1 Phantom, 109, (BuNo 111786), VF-17A LCDR R.I. Clinke, USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt (CVB-42), March 1949.

-detailed and highly accurate model
- four US Navy carrier based machines marking options
- accurate decals with full set of stencils