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SH48151 Firefly Mk.I

39.00 CAD

SH48151 Firefly Mk.I
"Foreign Post War Service
1:48 Scale
Injected Plastic

FAA was the sole user Fairey Fireflies during the World War 2. Soon after the fighting ceased it became a important export commodity. Fireflies were used by Royal Canadian Navy, major user was Netherlands Naval Aviation Service. Dutch Fireflies operated both from homeland bases as so from overseas, mainly in Dutch East India. Fireflies also strengthened Imperial Etiopean Air Force. In 1950s Thai Navy acquired 12 Firefly Mk.Is. All of the above mentioned users' marking can be found within the SH48151 decal sheet. The most colourful is the Etiopean machine; not only by its roundels but with its camouflage that comprised sand and earth colours on upper surfaces. The rest of the machines feature sober FAA camouflage pattern and the Thai one sports anchors. The kit of this version contains four sprues with grey plastic parts, injected clear sprue, decals and resin parts