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SH32082 Bell AH-1G Over Vietnam

69.00 CAD

SH32082 Bell AH-1G Over Vietnam (early)
Hi-Tech Kit
1:32 Scale
Injected Plastic

Hi-Tech (ICM kit with new resin and PE-parts. The 1/32 ICM AH-1G Cobra is a very nice kit indeed and here we have made it even much more detailed by the addition of extra large number of resin parts, photo-etches and 3D printer-produced parts. All of these turn the ICM kit into a superbly detailed masterpiece which fully deserves the Hi-Tech title. The kit also contains pre-cut painting masks for both the outside and inside surfaces of the canopy.

Superb quality resin cast parts, 3D-printed details and photo etches accompany the original ICM sprues
Decal sheet with markings for four Vietnam-based machines, including accurately reproduced servicing stencils.
Appealing colour schemes