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RDN32-619 Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog

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RDN32-619 Cessna L-19/O-1 Bird Dog
1:32 Scale
Injected Plastic

L-19/O-1E Bird Dog, (56-2650), U.S. Army Training School, Fort Rucker, Alabama, USA, 1965.
L-19/O-1E Bird Dog, (56-2602), USAF, Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam, 1966

American light communications plane and artillery spotter developed in the late 1940s. Unlike previous designs in this class it had an all-metal design, and it could also be used for basic or operational training. The type was delivered to the US Air Force and also for the US Marine Corps. The plane took part in two major military conflicts of the second half of the Twentieth Century - the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Apart from its primary tasks it was often also used as a forward air controller, directing more powerful attack planes to the enemy's positions. In total more than 3,500 machines of this type were built, their military service lasted until 1974, and after replacement by more modern types the Bird Dog was used for civil air patrol and was sold on to private owners