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MPM72556 A20G Russian version

33.00 CAD

MPM72556 A-20G Havoc “Russian Bomber Version” reissue
1:72 Scale
Injected Plastic

The American A-20s attack aircraft were delivered to the Soviet Union during World War II under the Lend-Lease program. In the Soviet Union, these aircraft were operated by army and naval aviation units alike. Specifically for sea attacks, the A-20G versions were adapted to carry a crew of three, with a bombardier (or so-called "shturman”) compartment in the nose section. Modifications were non-standard and the converted machines differed from each other.
Two of the machines are offered in our kit. One of them is the well-known machine decorated with “Tallinskij AP” inscription and with decorations and profiles of destroyed ships on its nose. The second machine, “White 2”, has a different type of its glassed nose section - originally taken from an II-4 aircraft. The kit contains resin parts for torpedo racks, torpedoes, and the modified bombardier compartment
Nationality: russian