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FR8002 IAR-80A Fontaine

69.00 CAD

FR8002 IAR-80A Fontaine
1:32 Scale
Injected Plastic

IAR IAR-80A This aircraft is slightly differing from the IAR-81C that was released earlier, and shows some differences with the later : IAR-80A, serie 106 to 150 and 176 to 180, Romanian fighter with 6 x 7,92 mm FN MG, short wings and fuselage, camouflage scheme green, brown, light blue. Decals for Nr 112 with Riding Mickey of Sqn 53, Nr 131 "Felicia" in Sqn 47, Nr 134 "Mamy" in Sqn 47, Nr 150 "Anghel" in Sqn 47.