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A04019K HPM / Airfix Bristol Beaufighter TF.X / Mk.21 combo

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The RAAF requirement for a powerful twin engined fighter was evident as early as Feb 1939.  As the Bristol built Beaufighter seemed to be the best choice, it was ordered in June of the same year.   The intention was always that the aircraft would eventually be built locally, but that did not happen until 1944.
The Australian aircraft were based on the British Mk X, with some notable differences, 144 in total.  The most obvious of these were the replacement of the 6 x .303 guns with 4 x .5in Brownings, the bulged nose for the Sperry autopilot, removal of the torpedo gear, a new gunners canopy and the deletion of the dorsal fin.  The first was completed on 26 May 1944, and the last of 365,  A8-363 on 10 Jan 1946.
The Beaufighter Mk21 served in the South West Pacific Area, replacing the British built Mk Ic & VIc with 30 and 31 SQN.  It was also used with 22, 92 and 93 SQN.  The aircraft proved to be a formidable strike aircraft against Japanese shipping and ground forces.  Ground attack missions usually used 60lb rockets or bombs, plus the heavy four cannon armament.  The type was not included in the postwar RAAF plans and the DeHavilland Mosquito replaced it for most duties.  However, 15 were converted to target tugs and the last was retired in 1956.
The decal options cover aircraft from 22 & 31 SQN RAAF.
Detail set includes:
Sperry Autopilot Housing
Frameless Observors’ Canopy
Mk.21 Instrument Panel
Wing 0.50 cal Blast Tubes
“Hedgehog’ Exhausts
Decals for three RAAF aircraft, South West Pacific Areaft
This bundle includes the Airfix Bristol Beaufigher TF.X (2015) kit.
Scale: 1:72