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Payment and Shipping Information

Initially payment aspects of the new site will stay much the same as the old site . When you've finished shopping and select the Add To Cart button, it simply sends a request for quote to the business e-mail. You will receive an e-mail confirming that we received your request ..I will respond with postage and any applicable taxes, and payment instructions using Paypal. Other options will still be cashiers cheque or postal money orders. I'm looking at other options that won't require sharing credit card information.
The goal is to get the new site up and running quickly, and then iron out any little kinks.

I charge actual postage as set by Canada Post, and do my best to minimize costs by piggy-backing kits, collapsing boxes where possible and generally try to make smaller, lighter parcels. Occasionally I'll ask if you can do without a box or if snipping the box-art off is ok. Anything to keep the rates down !

As Canadians know, rates in Canada are all a factor of distance, weight and package size ...Remember that a quote costs you nothing !

Some examples of rates into the U.S. in CDN$'s:

$8.36: Anywhere Continental USA
249 gms: some light weight kits that can ship in a padded envelope.

$11.07: Anywhere Continental USA
250-499 gms: 1-2- or 3 ... 1:72 scale single-seat kits in additional shipping box. Some single larger multi-engine kits. All depends on weight

$16.65 Anywhere Continental USA
500-999 gms 2-3- or 4 1:72 single seat kits, or 1 or 2 1:48 kits .. all depends on the kit and the weight

..over 1000 gms the fixed rate into the US disappears and distance, weight and package size determine costs ..Remember that a quote costs you nothing !!