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.. just added the SH72332 Phantom to the SALES category .. had a duplicated shipment and a bit overstocked .. you can see ALL sales @


1:144 Scale
JRM-1 Martin Mars USN $43.00
1:288 Desk Top kit
JRM-1 Martin Mars USN $15.00

All Resin kit

… see @ https://westcoasthobbys.com/products?keys=mars&field_brand_tid=All&field...

.. all clearance items and any new issue special prices will be offered to subscribers first with a direct e-mail, before being posted on site .. in some cases there will only a few of each available ..

.. .. as of Sept 19th the Canadian exchange is approximately 76% of the US$ .. everything on site is priced in Canadian dollars, and thru Paypal, you get the benefit of paying in CDN$'s .. that means as well as our well priced kits, you save another 20+% on the currency exchange .. to shop and compare prices, multiply the Canadian listed price, by .76 to see the US$'s equivalent ..

.. just rec'd a shipment of the Sram Bi-Plane jigs .. suitable for most single-seat 1:72 scale kits and some 1:48 .. see them @


.. we're slowly adding to our selection of 1:32 scale kits .. some exciting subjects coming up in the next 4-6 weeks as new issues .. you can see them @ ...