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.. .. all discount offers that were first offered to subscribers, have now been added to the SALES KITS category with the discounted price .. keep checking because more will be added as subscribers limited time offer expires .. you can see them @

.. have you checked out the selection of vacuum formed Falcon canopies lately ?

.. have a look at ...


.. all clearance items and any new issue special prices will be offered to subscribers first with a direct e-mail, before being posted on site .. in some cases there will only a few of each available ..

.. .. as of Sept 19th the Canadian exchange is approximately 76% of the US$ .. everything on site is priced in Canadian dollars, and thru Paypal, you get the benefit of paying in CDN$'s .. that means as well as our well priced kits, you save another 20+% on the currency exchange .. to shop and compare prices, multiply the Canadian listed price, by .76 to see the US$'s equivalent ..

.. just rec'd a shipment of the Sram Bi-Plane jigs .. suitable for most single-seat 1:72 scale kits and some 1:48 .. see them @