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HPA072049 Rafael Python-3 Air to Air Missile

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HPA072049 Rafael Python-3 Air to Air Missile
1:72 Scale

The Rafael Python 3 is an all aspect, infra-red third generation air to air missile.  The first reported use with  the Israeli Air Force was in 1979 and has proved to be a very successful weapon.  It was exported widely, and is known in South African Air Force as the V3S Snake and the Chinese PLAAF as the PL-8.  Large numbers have been produced, and it has been used by Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, the People's Republic of China (PL-8), Ecuador, Israel, Romania and South Africa (V3S Snake).  It is compatible with the LAU-7 family of launch rails, and has been used on combat by Israel and Ecuador. 
It has been used on many Mirage III derivatives, Mirage F.1, F-15 Eagle, F-5 Tiger II, IAR-93 Soim, Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano, Shenyang J-8 Finback, J-11 Flanker & Chengdu J-10 (PL-8).  It is cleared for use on the F-16 Fighting Falcon but actual use seems rare.
This High Planes accessory set includes two 3D printed missiles.  Before using, the parts should be washed with laundry detergent and primed with spray primer.  Priming and light sanding may be needed to remove print strata marks.