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FR0034 Northrop Gamma 2E Bomber

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FR0034 Northrop Gamma 2E Bomber
1:72 Scale
Injected Plastic

The Gamma was developed as a mail plane whose production began in the winter of 1933-1934, whilst the 2E version served as bomber in China. The design was modified with a wider fuselage to become a transport capable of carrying eight passengers as the Northrop Delta.
The Gamma 2E was modified by adding guns, bomb racks between the wheels, a window under the fuselage (after the wings). 46 Gamma 2E were bought by the Chinese government in 1934. The Gammas were put in service into Sqn (Chungtui) 1 and 2 of the 1 st Bombing Group (Tatui), and Sqn 9, 11 et 14 of 2 nd BG. The Marco Polo bridge affair on the 7 th of July, 1937, brings the two countries into a full scale war starting on the 28 th of July. The Gammas were mainly used during the fights for Shangaï.
On the 14 th of August, upon Chennault's order, the chinese AF did attack the japanese fleet but mistakenly bombed HMS Cumberland cruiser, without damages (14 th Chungtui). To make good for the heavy attrition, the Gammas of 1 st Tatui were transferred to the 2 nd Tatui, in October 1937.
Gammas were involved in bombing operations during October, the 902 being lost on the 24 th, and November, when three Gammas attack the carrier Kaga on the 11 th, two being lost (1405 and 1402).

At end of October 1937, a new unit (14 th Volunteer Sqn) was activated in Hankow. The Sqn was built with foreign pilot mercenaries under command of Vincent Schmidt. Pilot were mainly Americans (Schmidt, Elwyn Gibbon, George Weigle, and later Lyman Voelpoel and Chinese-US Leong), Dutch (Jan Rouffaert) and French (William Labussière, André Boulingre, Marcel Florein et Martial Laroche). Chinese were enlisted, too (mechanic Sun T. L, bombers Ching Tia and Pang Tsé Tu, gunners Liu Wen Kié, Liu Yen, Shou Chi Chen and T.K. Shou). Planes employed were mainly Vultee (around a dozen), two Martin 139WC, and four Gammas 2E. The unit started war operations on the 7 th of February and was disbanded on the 22 th of March 1938 after having lost three Gammas.

Surviving Gammas, if any, were probably passed to training units, as the Soviet bombers (SB, DB3) were re-equipping the bomber units.